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Pickup Mounting Rings Curved Top and Bottom
by Hosco

No Longer Available

Black Ivory
Bridge Neck


These Hosco pickup mounting rings are curved on the top and bottom for attachment on to carved/archtop guitars, they allow easy mounting and adjustment of guitar pickups. The bridge ring is taller than the neck ring and they are both tapered to account for neck angles and to keep the pickups parallel to the strings.


Curved top and bottom for carved/archtop guitars
Tapered thickness to keep the pickup parallel to the strings
Allow easy mounting and adjustment of guitar pickups

Tech Specs

Ring External Size (Length x Width) 92 mm x 46 mm (3.62" x 1.81")
Internal Hole Size (Length x Width) 70.5 mm x 39 mm (2.78" x 1.54")
Bridge Height (Back Tapering To Front) 8.8 mm - 7.2 mm (0.35" - 0.28")
Neck Height (Back Tapering To Front) 4.8 mm - 2.1 mm (0.19" - 0.08")
Pickup Mounting Hole Spacing 78 mm (3.07")
Ring Mounting Hole Spacing (Length x Width) 84 mm x 37 mm (3.3" x 1.46")
Manufacturer Part Number MRA-FB