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Original 1984 Double Locking Tremolo System with Nut
by Floyd Rose


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The Floyd Rose Original 1984 double locking tremolo system is modelled on the original iconic and groundbreaking bridge design that changed the way guitar could be played. The 1984 comes with plain brass fine tuners, old style housing tremolo arm, direct mounting wood screw bridge posts and a fat brass sustain block. All these original features are now sought after upgrades for the modern versions of Floyd Rose tremolos due to their sound and performance.

Double locking tremolos provide the ultimate tuning stability through the combination of the locking nut, locking saddles and fine tuners. This bridge features steel saddles for clarity and response and a brass tremolo block for sustain. The locking nut supplied with the tremolo is the R3 version and comes with screws for mounting from the front of the neck and also hex/allen head bolts for mounting from the back of the neck depending on which is required. This is a full bridge system which includes bridge posts, tremolo arm, tremolo springs, claw and screws, string retainer bar and locking nut.


Modelled on the original 1984 Floyd Rose tremolo
Plain brass fine tuners
Old style housing tremolo arm
Direct mounting wood screw bridge posts
Fat brass sustain block
Ultimate tuning stability and control from the locking nut, locking saddles and fine tuners
Steel base plate and saddles
R3 locking nut and string retainer included
Full bridge system includes studs, tremolo arm, springs, spring claw and screws
Made in Germany

Tech Specs

String Spacing 53.5 mm (2.1")
Post Spacing 74 mm (2.9")
Nut Width 42.9 mm (1.7")
Nut String Spacing 36 mm (1.4")
Manufacturer Part Number FRT2001984