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Phillips Truss Rod Wrench for Fender Telecaster
by Hosco


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The Hosco Phillips Truss Rod Wrench is a handy little tool that allows you to make adjustment to vintage style heel accessed Phillips/slotted truss rod nuts on Fender Telecaster guitars without having to take the neck off. The compact tool fits into the recess between the neck pocket and neck pickup on some Fender Telecasters (the recess must be there for the tool to fit), it may fit other brands of vintage style Tele/Strat guitars as well.


Hosco Truss Rod Wrench for vintage style heel accessed Phillips/slotted truss rod nuts
Allows you to adjust the truss rod without taking the neck off of the guitar
Fits some Fender Telecaster guitars and some others with a recess between the neck and neck pickup
Made in Japan

Tech specs

Head Diameter 9 mm (0.35")
Head Length 11 mm (0.43")
Phillips Blade/Tips Thickness 1.18 mm (0.046")
Manufacturer Part Number H-TRW+

Customer reviews

3.0 out of 5

Jonathan C. Verified Purchase

Where's my butter knife?

Over the years truss rod nuts become knarled and chewed up usually because the only tool used to adjust them (this system) was usually a flat screwdriver (or butter knife) after removing the nut, filing the burrs off, the wrench fitted perfectly!!... the length of the stem could be longer or even a handle attached for added leverage especially if the nut is stubborn to remove or firmly stuck in place...that is, if its not all knarled up in the first place?? as the actual nut needs to be clean, so, great on new guitars and for giving a final tweak of the "cleaned up" nut when all strung up...but to remove or adjust worn and knarled up nuts...nope...

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