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Bonsai Overdrive Pedal 9 in 1 Tube Screamer
by JHS Pedals


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The JHS Bonsai Overdrive Pedal is nine Tube Screamer circuits in one pedal, all exact replications of the original circuit including the iconic Ibanez TS-808, TS9 and Boss OD-1.

The Bonsai utilizes a simple rotary knob to switch through nine classic, vintage, rare or hard to find variations of the Tube Screamer. Each pedal was individually replicated using their Audio Precision analyzer and various other methods to perfectly replicate every aspect of the sound and feel of the unit. It's important to know that the Bonsai is not a 'box of mods' it is exact replications of these nine units all housed in one box! When you choose a mode on the Bonsai rotary you are actually activating components specific to each mode and are playing the unit that JHS chose along with all the quirks, component drift, vintage mojo and individuality that a vintage pedal has. Tone and gain sculpting is provided by the standard volume, drive and tone control knobs.

With the Tube Screamer being one of the most famous and emulated pedals of all time with countless versions by boutique pedal builders, what can be better than having nine versions all in one box?

A full breakdown of the pedals included is as follows:

  • OD-1 (1977), an overall brighter and slightly higher gain mode that does not utilize the Tone knob, this mode also inverts signal just like the original and has asymmetrical clipping. The Boss OD-1 is magical at boosting other drives or amps into singing saturation
  • TS-808 (1979), the classic low gain with that signature pronounced mid range
  • TS9 (1982), nearly identical to the TS-808 but with a slightly more pushed low-mid range
  • MSL (1985), though metal is in the name, this sound doesn't quite inspire the modern metal djent we think of but it has a higher gain sound with more low end and an overall more gooey feel
  • TS-10 (1986), made famous by John Mayer, this model is a slight upgrade from the TS9 for the late ’80s. Bluesy, crisp, more low end roll off and low gain
  • Exar OD-1 (1989), the EXAR is a Polish made pedal with a slightly different drive character, a little more gain than classic screamers as well as a slightly more transparent feel
  • TS-7 hot mode (1999), the hot mode on this version gives you the highest gain sound in the Bonsai, more low end and dirt fill out the tone to have you shredding away
  • Keeley Mod Plus (2002), Robert Keeley's classic mod tightens up the tone on the original giving you a smoother mid range and high frequencies and increased bass response
  • JHS Strong Mod (2008), much cleaner and overall more powerful, this mode has more pronounced higher and low end drop offs


9 Tube Screamer circuits in 1 pedal including the iconic Ibanez TS-808, TS9 and Boss OD-1
All exact replications of the original circuit with specific components active for each mode
Simple rotary knob to switch through the 9 modes
Drive knob controls the amount of overdrive
Tone control knob
Volume control knob
9V Power jack (no battery connector)
Made in the USA
Lifetime warranty

Tech Specs

Width 66 mm (2.6")
Length 122 mm (4.8")
Height (excluding knobs) 41 mm (1.6")
Power Draw 20 mA
Manufacturer Part Number 650415211890
UPC-A 650415211890