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Unicorn V2 Uni-Vibe Pedal
by JHS Pedals


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The JHS Unicorn V2 Pedal is an all analogue, bulb driven photocell based Uni-Vibe with external rate control via expression pedal just like the original but with modern extras like tap tempo footswitch, ratio/subdivisions selection and external tap control.

The Unicorn has a toggle switch for choosing between a Uni-Vibe effect and a vibrato effect, labelled Dry / Wet here, Dry is the Uni-Vibe and Wet removes the dry signal for a pitch vibrato. Control the rate of the effect with either the Speed knob, tap tempo footswitch or through the side mounted jack, the jack allows you to plug in an external tap tempo controller or an expression pedal for variable control in real time (internal switch selects between tap switch or expression pedal in), you can even slave the pedal to other tap controlled pedals for rhythmic consistency across all your effects (e.g. JHS Panther Cub Delay and Emperor pedals). The Ratio knob selects the rhythmic subdivisions of the tapped speed from either quarter, dotted eighth, eighth or triplet notes (this allows for faster speeds with fewer taps). The Depth knob controls the amount/intensity of modulation.

The JHS Unicorn V2 is bursting with all the lush and washy pulsations that changed what the electric guitar could sound like in the 1960s and this is no digital emulation, the Unicorn sports the real deal analogue photocell topology of the original units and in a much small package.


All analogue, bulb driven photocell based Uni-Vibe in a much smaller package
Switch to select between Uni-Vibe and vibrato, vibrato removes dry signal for pitch modulation
Set modulation speed multiple ways: speed knob, tap tempo footswitch, expression pedal or slave in
1/4" Input jack for external tap tempo/slave or expression pedal (internal switch selects input)
Ratio knob selects rhythmic subdivisions of tapped speed (quarter, dotted eighth, eighth or triplet)
Depth knob controls the amount of modulation
Volume control knob
Convenient top mounted input and output jacks
9 V Power jack (no battery connector)
Made in the USA
Lifetime warranty

Tech Specs

Width 66 mm (2.6")
Length 122 mm (4.8")
Height (excluding knobs) 41 mm (1.6")
Power Draw 100 mA
Manufacturer Part Number 650415211876
UPC-A 650415211876