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Echosystem Dual Engine Delay Pedal
by Empress Effects


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The Empress Effects Echosystem Delay Pedal is the ultimate delay crafting tool, with faithful emulations of classic digital, tape and analogue delays as well as Empress' own take on them and the ability to run two delay engines at the same time. Moving beyond the traditional, the vast amount of sonic ground the Echosystem can cover becomes apparent.

The Dual Engine functionality allows any two separate delays to be used together, these can be routed in either parallel, serial (one feeding in to the other with the order switchable), or split left/right stereo configurations and both delays retain all independent controls. On board are 12 studio quality delay types all with multiple sub-variations giving 40+ effects in total which can also be edited and saved as presets or updated via the SD card slot when Empress release new variations. The tone of the delay can be easily sculpted with the delay time/ratio, mix, feedback and tone knobs and through the 'thing' knobs, the thing knobs are very clever parameter knobs that change what they adjust based on delay type selected (e.g. the modulation depth and speed on tape delay), your setting can then be saved and recalled as one of 35 possible presets. Holding the tap tempo switch gives infinite repeats in most modes, the control port allows you to use an expression pedal (any combination of parameter knobs can be controlled via the expression pedal), control voltage, an external tap switch or MIDI control (requires Empress Effects Midibox) all through a standard 1/4" jack, and an advanced configuration mode lets you tweak a variety of pedals deeper functions like changing it from buffered bypass to true bypass, adding in a cabinet simulator or even enabling a 5 track 10 minute looper. Stereo in and out completes the studio quality sound possible with the Empress Effects Echosystem delay pedal.

A full breakdown of the 12 delay types is as follows:

  • Digital, clean and pristine or meant to emulate some of the characteristics of classic digital delays. These modes allow for full bandwidth and distortion free operation
  • Tape, designed to emulate the characteristics of a variety of classic tape delays (Echoplex EP-3 and RE-201 Space echo), as well as their own custom models, distortion and modulation combine to give a really warm and smooth sound
  • Analog, emulate some of the classic bucket brigade devices that were common pre-digital delay (Maxon AD9, Deluxe Memory Man and also the Echorec), due to the high frequency filtering analogue processors tend to have a darker tone and less present transients
  • Multi, allows you to tap a pattern of taps that can be played back with feedback. Volume and filtering patterns create really unique textures
  • Mod, these modes modulate different parameters to give movement to the sound e.g. pitch modulation and wave form, panning width and speed and tremolo depth and speed
  • Filter, applies both constant moving filters controlled by an lfo and dynamic filters that can track the volume of your playing in an auto-wah like effect
  • Ambient, achieves volume swells automatically and are great for lush parts. They also work well adding a subtle layer behind other delay modes when used in parallel
  • Delay and Reverb, choose between hall and plate reverb and control the mix of delay to reverb and the length of the reverb tail
  • Reverse, takes the incoming sound and chops it up into discrete sections and then plays back those sections backwards
  • Stutter, emphasises the sound that's last played and repeats it, it's a lot like a delay with max feedback but without the build up to distortion
  • Lo-fi, distorts, filters and modulates the sound, it can sound like an old radio or can even be used to get classic Nintendo sounds
  • Whisky, following on from the awesome beer setting on the Reverb pedal, whisky is Empress' catch all term for the weird modes not classifiable anywhere else


12 Delay types with multiple sub-variations giving 40+ on board effects
Classic delays built in like Echoplex EP-3, RE-201 Space echo, Maxon AD9, Deluxe Memory Man, Echorec
Easy to use and fast to dial in, no fiddling through menus
Dual delay engines means 2 delays can be used at the same time, each with independent controls
Dual delays can be routed in either parallel, serial (one in to the other) or split left/right
Save up to 35 presets, easily recallable via footswitches
Stereo input and output jacks
Delay time/ratio knob selects subdivisions when using with tap tempo or sets delay time directly
Holding tap tempo switch gives infinite repeats in most modes
Mix knob sets the ratio of wet signal (delay) to dry signal from 100% dry to 100% wet
Feedback knob controls how long the delay takes to decay
Tone knob applies EQ to the delay line, centre is neutral
Thing knobs change different parameters based on effect selected (modulation depth and speed etc.)
Output knob controls overall volume (unity at 12 o'clock)
Control port allows use of expression pedal, control voltage, external switch or MIDI control
Firmware can be updated through the SD card slot
Low signal to noise ratio of >104dB and maintains an analogue dry signal path
2 Preset modes, bank style or scrolling style preset modes
Switchable between buffered and true bypass
3 Cabinet simulators available for use without an amp
Transformer isolated output for hum free use when operating in stereo with 2 amps
High quality audio, 48kHz sampling with 24 bit conversion and 32 bit internal processing
Advanced configuration mode lets you tweak a variety of the pedals deeper functions
9V Power Jack (no battery connector)
Made in Canada
4 Year warranty

Tech specs

Width 145 mm (5.7")
Length 95 mm (3.75")
Height (excluding knobs) 44.5 mm (1.75")
Height (including knobs) 57 mm (2.25")
Power Draw 300mA
Manufacturer Part Number ECHO

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