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Ventris Dual Reverb Pedal
by Source Audio


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The Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb Pedal contains two powerful processors allowing two independent reverb effects to be run at the same time and features 12 on board reverb effects, stereo ins & outs, MIDI In and Thru jacks, 4 or 8 on board presets and 128 MIDI accessible presets.

The Ventris contains two completely independent reverb processors, essentially housing a matching pair of high powered reverb pedals in a single box, the dual reverbs can be run on their own (A or B) or together in parallel (A+B) or cascading (A feeding in to B) or even split with one effect going to each of the stereo outputs (independent stereo paths and other advanced signal paths set up in the editor/app). When using single reverbs having two processors allows seamless 'spillover' from one preset to the next without abruptly cutting off the trails of the previous effect (decay time adjustable via the app). The powerful processors also allowed Source Audio to perfect the complex nature of a spring reverb under their 'True Spring' engine for a supremely natural sounding effect. Tapping the Option footswitch sets time based parameters (modulation rate, tremolo rate, pre-delay time etc.) and holding it gives infinite reverb in most modes. The tone of the reverb can be easily sculpted with the time, pre-delay, mix and treble knobs and through the control 1 and 2 knobs, the control knobs adjust different parameters based on the preset selected (spring length, bass, modulation depth etc.). Your settings can be saved as one of 4 on board presets by default or up to 8 by using the preset extension mode (turned on via the app), each preset is easily recalled via the footswitch scrolling function or you can cycle through them using the preset select/save button.

A full breakdown of the 12 reverb types is as follows:

  • True Spring, exceptionally realistic effect with the unmistakable 'drip' heard in vintage spring reverb equipped amplifiers
  • Plate, simulation of the highly diffuse effect synonymous with vintage plate reverb units of the 50s and 60s
  • Lo-Fi, embraces destructive elements like distortion, oversaturation and pitch fluctuation, Turn up the ugly and add a layer of nastiness to your sound
  • Modverb, combination of tremolo and spring reverb found in many vintage guitar amplifiers
  • Shimmer, mixes traditional room sounds with octave-up reflections for an angelic reverb effect
  • Echoverb, simultaneous reverb and delay effects, the Echoverb engine provides a sprawling echo effect with huge, ambient repeats
  • Swell, applies a volume swell effect to your instrument's dry signal, which is then fed into the reverb effect for amorphous clouds of sound
  • Offspring, unique and dramatic effect falls somewhere between the sound of an angel's harp and a retro-futuristic sci-fi soundtrack. Using all-pass filters to extract cascading frequency bands, similar to an arpeggiator
  • Reverse, create chilling and dramatic backwards effects with this haunting reverb engine
  • Room, captures the ambient reverberations of a real acoustic space from a warm and intimate household room to a larger theatre sized space
  • Hall L, patterned after the lush sounds of studio rack units from the 80s, distinguished by its highly diffuse tones and glorious blooming characteristic
  • E-Dome, long reverb trails with a lovely smooth and lush modulation. Invoke the sound of massive arena settings with the Ventris Reverb’s largest room simulation

The pedal has stereo input and output jacks and MIDI in and thru jacks, MIDI messages can be used to engage/disengage the pedal, recall up to 128 presets, move parameters and more. The 3.5 mm 'control input' port allows connection to external control devices such as the Source Audio Tap Tempo Switch, Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal, Neuro Hub and Hot Hand Motion Controller and a 1/4" 'pedal in' jack also allows the use of an expression pedal or footswitch. The tap tempo or other single/dual footswitch can be used to scroll through presets or input a time based tap function and expression pedals can be set up to control up to three different parameter knobs (and the mapping can be stored as part of a preset). Additional reverb effects, advanced options and editing and access to a library of ready to use presets is provided by the free Source Audio Neuro app and desktop editor, you can connect the Ventris pedal to a Windows PC or Mac via the USB port and connect it to the headphone jack of your phone using the included 1/4" to 1/8" TRS cable, the firmware can also be updated via the USB port. The deep dive editing functions and dual processor capabilities make the Source Audio Ventris Reverb a powerful pedal and the numerous on board features and simple controls give it out of the box usability, all wrapped up in a compact and rugged enclosure.


Dual processors means two reverb effects can be run at the same time each with independent controls
Reverbs can be run on their own, in parallel, cascading (one in to the other) or split left/right
Seamless 'spillover' when changing single reverb presets without cutting off the trails
12 On board reverb effects including classic spring, plate and room and new Source Audio creations
4 On board user presets (switchable up to 8 presets)
Presets selectable via footswitch or button on pedal
Stereo input and output jacks
Holding option switch gives infinite reverb with most effects
Time control knob sets the sustain time of the reverb trail
Mix control knob blends from 100% dry to 100% processed wet signal
Pre-Delay knob sets the amount of time between the dry signal and the initial reverb reflections
Treble knob controls the amount of high frequency damping applied to the wet signals
Control 1 & 2 knobs change different parameters based on effect selected (spring length, bass etc.)
Pedal output volume can be adjusted by holding the 'control input' button and turning the mix knob
MIDI in and thru jacks to engage/disengage pedal, recall up to 128 presets, move parameters and more
3.5 mm Control input connects devices like Source Audio Tap Tempo Switch and Dual Expression Pedal
1/4" Jack allows use of expression pedal or single/dual footswitch
Advanced editing, presets and additional effects through free Source Audio Neuro app/desktop editor
Connect to Windows or Mac via USB port (firmware updates via USB port)
Connect to phone through input jack 2 (1/4" to 1/8" TRS cable included)
Analogue dry through with most effects
True bypass (switchable to buffered bypass)
Compact, rugged aluminium case
56-bit processing and crystal clear 24-bit converters
9V Power jack (power supply included, no battery connector)
2 Year warranty

Tech Specs

Width 114 mm (4.5")
Length 114 mm (4.5")
Height (excluding knobs) 37 mm (1.5")
Height (including knobs) 56 mm (2.2")
Power Draw 280mA
Manufacturer Part Number SA262
UPC-A 890729001538