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Deep Knurled Nut for Toggle Switches
by GTM


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Imperial (inch)


This Deep Knurled Nut is used to extend the length of the threaded mounting section on imperial toggle switches like Switchcraft. These are great when rear mounting toggle switches through guitar bodies (as opposed to scratchplates which are thin) as the cavity depth can be kept shallower and the top wood thicker. The use of these extender nuts is particularly important when using the Switchcraft long body 3 way toggle switch which has a relatively short threaded section (Gibson installs a deep knurled nut as standard on all Gibson Les Paul guitars that use Switchcraft long body toggle switches).


Extends the length of the threaded mounting section on toggle switches
Imperial 15/32-32 thread for Switchcraft and other USA made toggle switches
Allows you to keep rear mounted cavities shallower

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 2705