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Nut Slot String Spacing Rule
by Elmer Guitar


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The string spacing rule features markings that get gradually further apart for marking out nut and saddle slots. When marking out nut slots, if all strings are spaced evenly the thicker bass strings feel crowded, but by using the spacing rule, the spaces between the strings remain consistent, giving a more even feel across the neck.

The use the ruler, simply mark the outer strings on the nut and then match up 2 lines on the ruler with these outer string marks, using the lines on the ruler between the outer strings marks, mark each remaining string position on the nut (each line on the ruler represents a string, so the outer strings should be 6 lines apart for a normal guitar).

The Flexible stainless steel ruler conforms to the nut or bridge radius to allow for accurate marking out, and there's 2 sets of line markings on each edge or the ruler for maximum versatility (find the set that matches your outer string marks for your number of strings, don't mix and match line sets).


Quick and easy to use tool takes the guess work out of marking out nut slots
Flexible stainless steel ruler conforms to the nut or bridge
Laser etched lines as well as slots for scribing string positions
Hanging holes

Tech specs

Largest Spacing 12.3 mm (0.48")
Smaller Spacing 5.5 mm (0.22")
Manufacturer Part Number EG-02

Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5

Kevin L. Verified Purchase

String nut dlot spacing ruler

Fantastic tool. Super easy to use

Reviewed ago

Stephen R. Verified Purchase

Works great !

A bit flimsy but I realise it has to be thin so you can get accurate measurements !
Don’t know how I managed without it !

Reviewed ago