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Ghost Acousti-Phonic Advanced Bass Preamp Kit
by Graph Tech

No Longer Available


This Graph Tech Ghost Acousti-Phonic Advanced Preamp Kit is EQ'd for bass and allows you to add realistic acoustic tone on board without having to switch guitars, the kit includes optional upgrade components to get the maximum flexibility from the ghost piezo system. The kit includes the Ghost Quickswitch which allows you to switch between magnetic pickups, piezo pickups or both, and also the Ghost Mid/Dark Volume pot which allows you to control the volume of the Acoustic-Phonic output and also incorporates a push/pull switch which selects between two EQ curves for the output, the normal ghost sound and one with a boost in the mid range (around 2 kHz). The other components included are a Switchcraft stereo switched output jack, stereo output jack cable assembly, acoustic volume cable assembly, battery connecter (connects 9V to preamp), metal battery holder clip, summing board and dual connector cable. Your bass will need Graph Tech Ghost saddle pickups to work with this system.


The Ghost system adds realistic acoustic tone on board without having to switch guitars
Included Quickswitch switches between magnetic pickups, piezo pickups or both
Included push/pull pot controls piezo volume and switches between normal and mid boost EQ curves
Acousti-Phonic Intelligent preamp EQ'd for bass
All other components (excluding pickups) needed to add the system to your guitar are included
Over 500 hours playing time from a 9V battery

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number PK-0340-00
UPC-A 702725240289

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