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Ghost Hexpander MIDI Advanced Preamp Kit
by Graph Tech

No Longer Available


The Graph Tech Ghost Hexpander MIDI Advanced Preamp Kit allows you to add a whole orchestra of sounds at your fingertips. Having other instrument sounds while still playing guitar is an excellent option if you want to broaden your compositions or live sound without having to switch or learn to play new instrument. The Graph Tech Ghost Hexpander is the fastest MIDI tracker available and you can set it up in a variety of different ways including different strings for different instruments, or low frets and high frets as different instruments. You can also feed the magnetic signal down the 13 pin midi cable and then run a standard 1/4" cable from your MIDI converter to your guitar amp, meaning you only need one cable coming out of your guitar (requires Hexpander mag to pin 7 harness available separately from Graph Tech, NOT included). The Traktion switch built in to the 13 pin jack plate selects between Roland and Axon for best tracking results (if you are using a different brand converter switch between the two to find the best result). The kit includes the Hexpander MIDI volume pot, momentary up/down switch which scrolls up and down through your MIDI converter's sounds (called a S1/S2 switch on some converters) and the Ghost Quickswitch which allows you to switch between guitar pickups, MIDI or both (if using the Acousti-Phonic system as well the output from that will go to the MIDI Quickswitch, so piezo/magnet/MIDI all together is available). The other components included are a 13-pin Output jack and mounting plate, interface wiring harness and extension wiring harness. Your guitar will need Graph Tech Ghost saddle pickups to work with this system.


Preamp kit gives access to MIDI instruments on your guitar for huge sound variety
Fastest MIDI tracker available
Included Quickswitch switches between guitar pickups, MIDI or both
Included momentary up/down switch scrolls through MIDI converter's sounds
Included MIDI volume pot
Compatible with Roland, Axon and other MIDI converters
All other components (excluding pickups) needed to add the system to your guitar are included
No battery required (power supplied from MIDI converter through 13 pin cable)

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number PK-0440-00
UPC-A 702725240296

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