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Tremolo Lock Stop
by Floyd Rose


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The Floyd Rose Original Tremolo Lock Stop is installed in the tremolo spring cavity and has an adjustable screw that rests against the tremolo block. The lock stops the tremolo from being pulled up, allowing dive only movement, this ensures the tremolo always returns to the same position after bending, stabilising the tuning, and stops the guitar going out of tune if a string breaks. Please note the Lock Stop is made for Floyd Rose by Pro Rock Gear and comes in their packaging.


Locks tremolo to dive only movement
Ensures tremolo returns to the same position after bending
Guitar doesn't go out of tune if a string breaks

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number FRTL40BRASS
UPC-A 813263011917

Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5

Tim B. Verified Purchase

It does exactly what it should, keep you in tune.

After giving up getting my Jackson to stay in tune I decided to lock the floating tremelo one way or another. Using the tremolo lock let me keep the dive option but without the pull back option. Not a problem for me as the same as most people that is not necessary. And above all else the tuning is rock solid.

Reviewed ago

Will S. Verified Purchase

It works

This trem stop really works stops a floating trem from going up in pitch when drop tuning or snapping strings it is superb I don't know why this is not standard on all guitars with a floating trem system and if you want a floating trem you just take the scree out I have a charvel dinky which wouldn't stay in tune last week now it is like an evh trem system I will be ordering 2 more if your floating trem is going out of tune then buy this

Reviewed ago