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V112-WC-75 1x12 Creamback Widebody Cab
by Victory Amplification


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The Victory Amplification V112-WC-75 1x12 Creamback Cab is an open back, wide body 1x12 with a Celestion G12H-75 Creamback speaker, producing a big sound with more efficiency and headroom to compliment the V40 Deluxe amp's reverb and tremolo.

Hand built in England using redwood pine for the top and sides and quality Baltic birch ply for the back and baffle, the speaker baffle is angled back by 2-3 degrees to help with projection towards you when you’re playing and the open back construction gives plenty of room filling projection from the front and back. The Celestion G12H-75 Creamback is a more sensitive/efficient (100dB), heavy magnet version of its M-65 brother. There are still elements of the 65's 'woody' nature, but a stronger, tighter bottom end and more pronounced highs make it a thicker, more articulate driver that pairs perfectly with the V40 Deluxe's overall EQ and gain character, especially at medium and higher volumes, it's aesthetically matched too, with gorgeous cream vinyl and leather corners and handle.

While designed to be matched tonally with the V40 Deluxe, it will of course work well with many other amps, ideal for anyone who likes the clarity and power of the Vintage 30 driver, but may find it a little abrasive for classic rock or blues tones and likewise, anyone who likes the general tone of the Creamback 65 but wants slightly less colour, less breakup and tighter bottom end.


Wide body 1x12 cab made from redwood pine for top and sides and Baltic birch ply for back and baffle
Speaker baffle is angled back by 2-3 degrees to help with sound projection
Celestion G12H-75 Creamback speaker gives strong, tight bottom end and pronounced highs
Open back construction gives room filling sound and high end presence
Boutique good looks with cream vinyl and leather corners and handle
Parallel link jack
Made in the UK
5 Year warranty

Tech specs

Power Handling 75 watts
Impedance 16 ohms
Width 600 mm (23.6")
Depth 253 mm (10")
Height 473 mm (18.6")
Weight 16 kg (35.3 lbs)
Manufacturer Part Number V112WC-75
EAN-13 5060462940370

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