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V4 The Sheriff Overdrive Preamp Pedal
by Victory Amplification


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The Victory Amplification V4 The Sheriff is a 2 channel pedal with pushed clean to classic rock and modded ‘plexi’ tones. The V4 range are the first preamp pedals of their kind, using four valves to produce overdrive, when on, it replaces the preamp in your amplifier giving you an entirely new set of tones in addition to your existing amp sound.

Channel one goes from on the edge of breakup through to heavily driven classic rock tones, channel two is full on modded 'plexi' high gain goodness with more midrange aggression. Both channels have their own volume (gain) and master volume controls. The three band EQ provides powerful bass, middle and treble controls, having a significant effect on the gain character and drive levels, just like in any valve guitar amp. The bright switch is a global tone control that optimises the V4 Pedal Preamp for what you're plugging into, amp effects loops, inputs, recording devices etc. all differ greatly so choose the setting that sounds best to your ears.

The Pedal can be used the same as any normal pedal (guitar in to pedal in to the amp's input), but the V4 range truly shines when plugged in to your amp's effects loop, when set up you have all of your amps tones as normal when the pedal is off, but switch it on and it bypasses the preamp of your amp and the pedal becomes the preamp, giving you The Sheriff amp tones to your existing amp, effectively adding a channel and huge tonal versatility (reverb and delay pedals can still be used in the loop as normal). You can control the on/off and channel selection with either a separate two-button latching footswitch or via a modern programmable switching unit, which means you can have the V4 pedal on top of your amp, not taking up space on your pedalboard.

The valves were made to NATO spec and are Mullard NOS, due to the extremely high-quality construction Victory is giving a two year warranty on the valves over their normal 90 days (in addition to the five year warranty on the construction of the rest of the pedal).


Two channel, all valve preamp pedal adds The Sheriff amp tones to you existing amplifier
Channel one is pushed cleans to heavily driven classic rock, channel two is modded 'plexi' high gain
Independent volume/gain and master volume controls for each channel
Powerful 3 band EQ with global bright switch to optimise for your effects loop, recording device etc
Works as a standalone pedal but excels used in the effects loop (replacing the existing amps preamp)
A separate footswitch or switching unit can be used to control the on/off and channel selection
Tour proof durable folded steel chassis and kick bar to protect the knobs
Power supply included
NATO spec, Mullard NOS valves
Made in the UK
5 Year warranty (pedal construction)
2 Year warranty (valves only)

Tech specs

Width 225 mm (8.9")
Length 140 mm (5.5")
Height (included feet & knobs) 79 mm (3.1")
Power Draw 800mA (12V)
Manufacturer Part Number Pedal Sheriff
EAN-13 5060462940417

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