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Digital Nut Slotting Gauge
by Elmer Guitar


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The Elmer Digital Nut Slotting Gauge allows you to take quick and easy measurements of action over the first fret with the strings in place so you can cut the nut slots to the correct depth accurately and consistently.

The brass base is specially shaped to sit over the strings and the first fret, to use, allow the plunger of the depth gauge to rest on the top of the string (tuned to pitch) and then zero out the gauge, then press the sting down on each side of the fret so that it touches the first fret, the reading on the gauge will show you the amount of space that was between the fret and the string (the action). If the action is too high you can file the nut slot a little deep and retake the measurement, the accuracy and speed of taking the action measurements over the first fret will allow you to consistently cut nut slots to the perfect depth quickly and easily.

The digital readout can be rotated to view in any direction, the units of measurement can be switched between metric (mm) and imperial (inch) and it comes in a protective plastic case.


Allows quick and easy measurements of action over the first fret for cutting accurate nut slots
Specially shaped brass base sits on fretboard with strings in place
Rotatable digital read out
Units of measurement can be switched between mm and inch
Comes in a protective plastic case

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number EG-18 Set