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Jazzmaster Style Roller Pot Wheel Right Angle Scratchplate Bracket
by Hosco


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The Hosco Jaguar Style Roller Pot Wheel Right Angle Bracket allows the potentiometers and knobs on the upper rhythm preset control plate to be mounted horizontally under the plate with a small portion of the wheel coming through the plate for adjustment but keeping it out of the way enough to stop accidental adjustment.


Roller pot wheel bracket mounts potentiometers horizontally under the rhythm preset plate
Mounting screws included
Made in Japan

Tech Specs

Bracket Length 78.2 mm (3.1")
Distance Between Plate Mounting Screws 68.3 mm (2.69")
Pot Mounting Hole Diameter 7.2 mm (0.28")
Pot Mounting Hole Spacing 44 mm (1.73")
Manufacturer Part Number HK-44L/JM