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Rough Cut Stratocaster Style Maple Neck Blank for Separate Fretboard Neck
by Hosco

No Longer Available


This Hosco Maple Neck Blank has been rough cut to a Fender Stratocaster style outline with approximately 3 mm extra wood all the way around to save you time but still allow adjustments to the shape if using a custom nut width and string spacing. The one piece blank is approximately 26 mm thick for necks that are going to have a separate fingerboard glued to the top surface. These vary from skip planed to one surface fully planed, meaning further planing may be required to prepare them for gluing on a fretboard.

Please note the photo displayed is an example image only and the wood grain will differ on the neck you receive.


Maple neck blank rough cut close to Fender Stratocaster outline
26 mm Thick for use with separate fretboard
Blanks vary from skip planed to one surface fully planed, further planing may be required
Photo is example only, actual wood grain will differ
Made in Japan

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number TN-ST26

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