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1695TH Black Magick 25W Head Amplifier
by Supro


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The Supro 1695TH Black Magick 25W Head is a recreation of one of Rock & Roll's holy grail amplifiers, the all tube, high gain blues machine hearkens back to the cosmetics and circuitry of Supro amps from 1959.

With more gain on tap than any other Supro reissue it absolutely rips for heavy blues and classic rock guitar styles. The preamp features two channels wired in parallel, with independent volume controls and a single, shared tone control. The vintage correct front end topology of the original 1959 combos has been streamlined with automatic linking of channels 1 & 2 when using only the first input jack, this flexible arrangement provides double the gain when used with one instrument or allows for two instruments to share the same head or an A/B/Y box can be used to achieve channel switching on the fly. The amp's traditional, cathode-biased "Class-A" power section uses 6973 tubes to achieve the instantly recognizable midrange grind and phenomenal touch dynamics that define the Supro sound and a complete range of tones from warm cleans to heavy distortion can be accessed by simply adjusting the volume knob on your instrument. Their signature power tube tremolo has adjustable speed and depth knobs and there is a jack for adding a latching footswitch to turn the tremolo on and off (footswitch not included).

Rounding off the Supro Black Magick is an 8 ohms and two 4 ohms speaker outputs all wrapped up in stunning black rhino hide tolex around their great looking head enclosure with gold panels front and back.


Two channel, 25 watts, all valve Class A amp great for blues and classic rock
Linked 1 & 2 channels for a thick wide ranging sound, or high headroom cleans from just channel 2
Independent volume control for each channel
Shared tone control
Valve driven tremolo with speed and depth controls, jack to add on/off footswitch (not included)
Great looking enclosure wrapped in their black rhino hide tolex
Made in the USA
2 Year warranty (excluding valves)

Tech specs

Power Draw 25 Watts
Speaker Outputs 1 x 8 ohms, 2 x 4 ohms
Output Valves/Tubes 2 x 6973
Preamp Valves/Tubes 4 x 12AX7
Manufacturer Part Number 1695TH

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