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1 Meg Mini Potentiometer Jaguar/Jazzmaster Rhythm Volume Roller Pot Style
by Hosco


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This Hosco 1 Meg Linear Mini Potentiometer is designed to be used as the neck (rhythm) volume pot on the upper horn of Jaguar and Jazzmaster style guitars. It has a solid 6 mm shaft for mounting the roller wheel knob and a 7 mm threaded shaft for fixing to the right angle mounting plate in the electronics cavity. This is a metric potentiometer and so if you wish to use it on Fender guitars you will also need the matching metric roller pot wheel knob we stock as a separate item.


1 Meg Mini Potentiometer for use as neck (rhythm) volume pot on Jaguar and Jazzmaster style guitars
Solid 6 mm shaft for mounting the roller wheel knob
Short 7 mm threaded shaft for mounting to the right angle plate in the electronics cavity
Linear Taper
Made in Japan

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number POT-1M1B-S