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Thinline Telecaster Style Guitar Kit with Gotoh Hardware
by Hosco


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This Hosco Thinline Telecaster Style Kit is not your standard guitar kit with cheap parts that are often replaced immediately, this Hosco kit is made with Japanese parts throughout including Gotoh SD91 tuners and pickups meaning you can build you own high quality guitar simply and easily and know it is going to perform straight away.

The 3 piece alder Thinline body has had all the routing and shaping done and a rear cap glued on, the string through holes and neck mounting screw holes have been drilled but all other screw holes will need to be drilled. The body has been largely sanded smooth but the sides and round over will require sanding to your preference and then it will need final sanding, finish prep and finishing (no finish or sandpaper included). The neck pocket size is standard Fender dimensions and allows space for the finish thickness.

The maple Telecaster Neck has had the complex construction elements like fret slotting, fretting and neck carving completed to give you peace of mind it will play comfortably and in tune, the one piece maple neck has a C shape, walnut skunk stripe, 21 frets (small fretwire), a 25.5" scale length, curved bottom 42 mm nut width and a 7.25" fretboard radius. The neck has 8.7 mm tuner bushing holes drilled on the headstock face for vintage style tuners with press fit bushings (some reaming of the hole may be required for a perfect press fit). The truss rod adjustment nut is at the heel and the end of the heel is flat like a Telecaster and is not drilled for neck screws. The neck is sanded and ready for finish prep and supplied without a finish applied (a hard lacquer finish must be applied to protect the wood, oil finishes are not sufficient). Some fret levelling/dressing and polishing may be required.

The kit comes complete with Gotoh: SD91 tuners, Telecaster pickups, NBS-3 neck plate and RG105 butterfly string tree, Hosco: vintage style ashtray tele bridge (plain brass non compensated saddles), rear string ferrules, rectangular recessed jack plate, white tele barrel switch tip, white Stratocaster style control knobs, strap buttons, pre slotted bone nut, 3 way lever switch, capacitors and jack socket and Japanese pots. All mounting screws required are included (pilot holes should always be drilled when installing guitar screws), the scratchplate is assembled and the electronics are soldered and the pickups have a quick connect system meaning no soldering is required at all for assembly.

Please note the photo displayed is an example image only and the wood grain will differ on the body and neck you receive, the control knobs and switch tips included are white not black as shown in the photo and the strings included should be used for set up only and then replaced.


High quality Fender Thinline Telecaster style guitar kit with Japanese parts throughout
Prewired, assembled scratchplate with quick connect pickups, no soldering required
Gotoh SD91 tuners, Telecaster pickups, NBS-3 neck plate and RG105 butterfly string tree
Shaped and routed 3 piece alder body with rear cap (needs round over and sides sanding)
String through holes and neck screw holes have been drilled in the body
Flat heel end neck pocket with standard Fender dimensions
One piece Telecaster style maple neck w/ walnut skunk stripe
Fret slotting, fretting and neck carving completed
Headstock drilled for press fit tuner bushings (not drilled for screws)
Truss rod adjustment at the heel
Neck is sanded, ready for finish prep (a hard lacquer finish must be applied)
Some fret levelling/dressing and polishing may be required
Photo is example only, actual wood grain will differ
Control knobs and switch tips included are white not black as shown in the photo
Made in Japan

Tech specs

Tuner Bushing Hole Diameter 8.7 mm (0.34")
Scale Length 25.5"
Fretboard Radius 7.25"
Nut Width 42 mm (1.65")
Frets 21 Small
Fret Crown Height 1 mm (0.04")
Fret Crown Width 2 mm (0.08")
Heel Width 56.3 mm (2.2")
Neck Thickness at 1st Fret (approximate) 21.5 mm (0.85")
Neck Thickness at 12th Fret (approximate) 24.4 mm (0.96")
Manufacturer Part Number ER-KIT-TT

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