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Terraform Multi Effects Modulation Pedal
by Wampler


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The Wampler Terraform is a multi effects pedal featuring 11 custom designed modulation effects including chorus, flanger, phaser and their long awaited Uni-Vibe, all with tweakable parameters in an easy to use no menu screens format and packed in to a small enclosure.

There are five control knobs to shape your sound: rate, depth, blend, variable and volume and these clever controls will change what they adjust depending on the effect selected, for example with chorus the variable knob will adjust the amount of low end present in the effect but with rotary (Leslie speaker) the variable will adjust the 'ramp speed' the acceleration between the slow speed to fast speed change. An expression pedal can be set up to control any of the five parameter knobs (including the amount of change between heel and toe of the pedal). The pedal can be run in full stereo for glorious immersive sounds and also in mono. To make the most of the mono mode Wampler has added the ability to run the effects pre or post gain, simply plug your guitar in to the Terraform 'pre in' jack, then from the 'pre out' jack to your overdrive/distortion pedals, then back from those pedals to the Terraform 'post in' jack and then from the 'post out' jack to any other pedals or your amp, the post gain effects can even be run from the effects loop of the Terraform as well. It comes with a common setup of which effects are pre or post gain (Uni-Vibe, phaser pre, chorus, tremolo post etc.) but these can all be changed globally as you wish. You can save up to 8 presets which includes the effect, the setup of the expression pedal, the position of all five control knobs and whether the effect is pre or post gain, the presets can also be recalled via the tap tempo switch with your feet while playing. There is also MIDI in and through jacks (3.5 mm TRS mini jacks with a converter cable included), MIDI can be used to recall presets, trigger tap tempo or bypass the pedal.

The Wampler Terraform is simple and intuitive to use and considering the amount of features has a low power draw and takes up only a small amount of space on your pedalboard.

A full breakdown of the 11 modulation effects is as follows:

  • Chorus, shimmery goodness with bass roll off control
  • Dimension, huge multi wave chorus with lots of depth and bass roll off control
  • Tremolo, from smooth sine wave to choppy square wave with adjustable width in stereo (creates ping pong effect)
  • Harmonic Tremolo, the same as standard tremolo with added phase shifting
  • Auto Swell, adjustable attack time and pick sensitivity
  • Rotary, Leslie speaker effect with independent speaker speed controls, speaker blend (more horn or bass) and ramp speed (acceleration between switchable slow and fast speeds)
  • Uni-Vibe, unique phase shifting sound with control to emphasise the low end thump
  • Phaser, adjustable stereo separation to give a wider phasing effect
  • Flanger, adjustable feedback from high negative to none to high positive feedback
  • Envelope Filter, adjustable sensitivity and the Q of the filter (from a thinner to fatter sound)
  • Auto Wah, adjustable range and Q of the filter


11 On board modulation effects
Very small pedal size and power draw for the features
Save up to 8 presets
Stereo input and output jacks
Pre and post gain effects routing in mono mode
Tap tempo footswitch (hold down to recall presets)
Rate, depth, blend, variable and volume knobs with custom controls based on the effect selected
Expression pedal jack to control any of the five parameter knobs including heel toe sweep range
MIDI in and through jacks to recall presets, trigger tap tempo or bypass the pedal
True bypass with soft relay switches
9V Power jack (no battery connector)
High grade components picked for their superior sound and response
Made in the USA
5 Year warranty

Tech specs

Width 120 mm (4.7")
Length 100 mm (3.9")
Height (excluding knobs) 44 mm (1.7")
Height (including knobs) 63 mm (2.48")
Power Draw 107mA (9V)
Manufacturer Part Number 763815131511
UPC-A 763815131511

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