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Ratsbane Rat Style Mini Distortion Pedal
by Wampler


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The Wampler Ratsbane Mini Distortion Pedal is their take on the classic ProCo RAT pedal but with more gain capabilities, a powerful voice switch for modern high gain usability and delivered in a pedalboard friendly mini size.

If you are looking for a single pedal solution with multiple degrees of gain from light overdrive to full out saturated fuzz tones, then you'll surely love the Ratsbane, turn the distortion control all the way down for a deep but powerful gain booster, crank it up and you will find rich harmonic overtones and a throaty, fuzz-like distortion. The filter control works backwards to a normal tone control (the same as the original RAT) turn it counter clockwise to cut straight through the mix with precision and high frequency attack that lets your tone soar with absolute clarity, turn it clockwise to filter the top end for a warm, buttery, yet clear tone.

Wampler have expanded the versatility of the pedal by adding gain and voicing switches. The Gain switch offers three distinct choices: the middle gives you the normal gain for a RAT type pedal, the left position offers a firm yet smooth boost in gain with a little more mids and high end and the right position delivers an insane level of creamy distortion. The Voice switch alters the compression and clipping of this pedal, the left position is the normal voicing for a RAT pedal and the right position tightens the distortion to be more manageable with greater levels of gain while rolling back some of the fuzz qualities to deliver a modern high gain distortion sound.


ProCo RAT style distortion pedal with expanded functionality
Pedalboard friendly mini size
Three position gain switch adds two gain boost options to the normal gain amount for a RAT pedal
Voice switch tightens the distortion, rolling back some of the fuzz for a modern high gain sound
The filter control knob works backwards to a normal tone control (the same as the original RAT)
Distortion knob controls the amount of gain/distortion
Volume control knob
True bypass
9 V Power jack (no battery connector)
High grade components picked for their superior sound and response
Made in the USA
5 Year warranty

Tech specs

Width 38 mm (1.5")
Length 89 mm (3.5")
Height (excluding knobs and switches) 38 mm (1.5")
Power Draw 2.5 mA
Manufacturer Part Number 763815132938
UPC-A 763815132938

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