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PowerStage 170 Power Amp
by Seymour Duncan


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The Seymour Duncan PowerStage 170 is a game changing product for guitar players who want a small, lightweight set up, you can simply plug your pedals into it and plug it into a cab and you have a micro setup ready to go, perfect for touring, fly gigs or home and studio use.

The 170 watt power amp has a beautiful clean preamp section and a 3 band global EQ that lets you quickly fine tune your sound for any cabinet or venue (no scrolling through menus on digital gear or having to change your stomp box settings), the large master volume knob can even be adjusted mid song with your foot, boosting solos and controlling dynamics in real time. When you bypass your overdrive and distortion pedals the PowerStage will function as your clean channel, with the sweet, warm sound that we associate with great amps, not every power amp can do that.

The Seymour Duncan PowerStage 170 is a perfect complement to pedalboards and digital modelling devices, small enough to fit directly on a pedalboard or in a gig bag, lightweight enough for fly dates and provides peace of mind if you don't know what the backline is going to be and its attractive enough to look great at a church or coffeehouse gig as well as in a home office or bedroom. Just like their pickups, this is designed and assembled at their Santa Barbara, California factory.


The Seymour Duncan PowerStage is a 170 watt power amp with a beautiful clean preamp section
Simply plug your pedals or modeller into the power amp and plug the power amp into a cab
Lightweight, no more carrying around heavy tube amps
Small enough to fit directly on a pedalboard or in a gig bag
Large master volume knob (level goes from 0 dB to 47 dB)
Full 3 band EQ control knobs boost or cut frequencies by +/- 13 dB
Made in the USA

Tech specs

Power 170 watts (at 4 ohms)
Width 133 mm (5.2")
Length 127 mm (5")
Height 72 mm (2.8")
Weight 907 g (2 lbs)
Manufacturer Part Number 11901-002
UPC-A 800315041466

Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5

Nick K. Verified Purchase

Outstanding product

Really excellent power amp, small, portable and ideal for a small rig set up and/or in the studio. Works great with a Synergy SYN 1 module and a UAD pedal.

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