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Bourns 250K Smooth Turn Audio Taper Guitar Pot/Potentiometer
by Seymour Duncan


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These Seymour Duncan 250K Smooth Turn Audio Taper Guitar Potentiometers are made for them by Bourns who are renowned for their high quality pots.

The 250 K Ohms resistance gives a warmer tone than 500 K and is traditionally used for single coil pickups and its logarithmic audio taper is normally used for volume pots so the human ear can hear the volume change more smoothly (though audio taper is now commonly used for tone pots as well). These have a durable brass threaded regular length shaft with an imperial 3/8" thread (commonly found on guitars made in the USA like Gibson, Fender or PRS Core) but please note these have metric coarse 18 spline knob mounting and so to replace pots with a 3/8" shaft you will also need replacement metric knobs (pots with an imperial 3/8" shaft normally have fine 24 spline knob mounting). Two mounting nuts, one flat washer and one lock washer included (mount the second nut on to the potentiometer before it is mounted through a pickguard to set the amount of the threaded shaft that shows above the surface and therefore the height of the knob above the guitar body).


Seymour Duncan Smooth Turn guitar potentiometer made by high quality pot manufacturer Bourns
250K Ohms traditionally used for single coil pickups
Logarithmic audio taper potentiometer
Durable brass imperial 3/8" threaded regular length shaft
Metric coarse 18 spline knob mounting
Mounting hardware included

Tech specs

Threaded Shaft Diameter 9.5 mm (0.37")
Threaded Shaft Length 9 mm (0.35")
Manufacturer Part Number 11807-60-250
UPC-A 800315036714

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