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PackRat Distortion Pedal 9 in 1 Rat
by JHS Pedals


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The JHS PackRat Distortion Pedal is nine RAT circuits in one pedal, all exact replications of the original circuit including the original V1, Turbo and the JHS mod.

The PackRat utilizes a simple rotary knob to switch through nine classic, vintage, rare or hard to find variations of the Rat. Each pedal was individually replicated using their Audio Precision analyser and various other methods to perfectly replicate every aspect of the sound and feel of the unit, it's important to note that the Rat is not a 'box of mods' it is exact replications of these nine units all housed in one box! When you choose a mode on the Rat rotary switch you are playing fully analogue circuits, activating components specific to each mode that perfectly replicate the pedal selected, even down to the aging components (also known as component drift). Tone and gain sculpting is provided by the Volume, Distortion (gain) and Filter (tone) control knobs (the direction of the Filter control will change based on the mode selected, some increase treble as you turn clockwise, some decrease treble as you turn clockwise).

A full breakdown of the pedals included is as follows:

  • V1 (1979), THE classic RAT tone, sustain and attitude, Filter control increases treble as you turn clockwise
  • White Face (1984), the first small box RAT ever produced, similar to V1 but with a different taper Filter control (treble decreases as you turn clockwise)
  • Turbo (1989), the first RAT to use LEDs in its clipping section, this results in amazing touch dynamics (play light for less distortion, harder for more distortion) and better overdrive tones with the Distortion control turned down
  • Brat (1997), the ultimate 'nineties grunge' tone. Adds an input buffer, soft clipping (in addition to the traditional hard clipping) and several capacitor changes
  • Dirty (2004), based on 'You Dirty RAT' this mode gives the most saturation and waveform clipping of any RAT version ever made. Several changes including germanium style clipping diodes and capacitor changes make this mode as unique as it gets
  • LA (1986), made by Ibanez in the eighties, it’s still one of the best modified RAT circuits ever. Instead of relying on hard clipping from the traditional diode configuration found in most RATs, this circuit overloads the op amp and 'clips the rails' to produce a very different flavour of rodent tone
  • Landgraff Mo'd (2005), the definitive boutique take on the RAT. Based on John Landgraff’s extremely rare MO-D Distortion, a distant cousin of the RAT with tons of versatility and attitude
  • Caroline Wave Cannon (2010), Philippe Herndon adapted his Wave Cannon Distortion (V1) just for JHS. It's a seriously great take on the RAT circuit with all kinds of clever modifications
  • JHS Mode, their classic modification performed on countless RATs for over a decade; it's louder, bigger and has a huge range of tones. Try it for yourself!


9 RAT circuits in 1 pedal including the original V1, Turbo and the JHS mod
All exact replications of the original circuits with specific components active for each mode
Simple rotary knob to switch through the 9 modes
Distortion knob controls the amount of gain
Filter knob controls the brightness (direction of the control changes based on the mode selected)
Volume control knob
9 V Power jack (no battery connector)
Made in the USA
4 Year warranty

Tech specs

Width 66 mm (2.6")
Length 122 mm (4.8")
Height (excludes knobs) 41 mm (1.6")
Power Draw 100 mA
Manufacturer Part Number 650415212408
UPC-A 650415212408

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