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Early '60s 11 Hole Stratocaster Pickguard Shielding Plate Vintage Fender Style
by Hosco


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The Hosco Early '60s 11 Hole Stratocaster Pickguard Shielding/Grounding Plate is in the vintage Fender style, rather than having the modern adhesive sheet, a thicker aluminium plate is mounted between the scratchplate and the guitar body to ground the controls and help shield the entire electronics cavity and pickup cavity wiring channels from noise (no wiring necessary as it will ground to the pots). This 1st version of the 11 mounting hole design with the bass side middle mounting screw positioned more centrally between the middle and neck pickups was introduced in late 1959/early 1960 replacing the 8 hole design and was later replaced with the modern 11 hole design with the screw closer to the middle pickup (both modern 11 hole and earlier 8 hole screw position styles are available from us as separate items), the plate has cut outs for the three single coil pickups, lever switch, three control knobs and all mounting screws. Simply flip the plate over to fit to a left handed guitar.

Please note this will not fit the modern Fender 11 hole scratchplate design that has the bass side middle mounting screw positioned closer to the middle pickup.


Hosco Shielding Plate shields from noise and grounds controls
Vintage Fender Early '60s 11 Hole Stratocaster Style
Bass side middle mounting screw positioned centrally (will not fit modern Fender 11 hole design)
Thicker plate rather than modern adhesive sheet/tape
Pre cut single coil pickup holes, lever switch slot, screw holes and potentiometer holes
Turn the plate over to fit to a left handed guitar
Made in Japan

Tech specs

Thickness 0.44 mm (0.017")
Manufacturer Part Number VS-AGP61

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