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Metaverse Programmable Multi Delay Pedal
by Wampler


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The Wampler Metaverse is a multi delay pedal featuring 11 custom designed delay effects including analogue, tape, digital as well as more in depth delays taken from pedals like their Doctor and Ethereal, all with tweakable parameters in an easy to use no menu screens format and packed into a small enclosure with tap tempo, stereo, presets and full MIDI control.

The top left rotary switch selects your delay type, these all have a consistent range from 25 - 2000 milliseconds (except Tape which starts at 40 ms) making it easy to audition the most suitable sound by dialling in the required settings and rotating the dial. There are five control knobs to shape your sound: Delay (time), Feedback, Tone, Mod (modulation depth) and Mix but you can also access additional controls (called alt mode) by holding down the bypass switch, now the Mod knob adjusts the modulation rate rather than depth, the Feedback knob adjusts the head combination in tape mode (the preset LEDs will light up to show the head combination) and in Ethereal mode it selects between the 4 secondary delay modes from the Ethereal pedal, the Mix knob can add up to a +6 dB volume boost to your sound and the Tone knob sets modulation feedback for JET and MOD programs. An expression pedal can be set up to control any combination of the five parameter knobs (including the amount of change between heel and toe of the pedal).

The pedal has stereo in and output jacks which also allows you to run mono in and split to two different amps. The trails switch on the top side selects between true bypass and buffered bypass (delays continue after the pedal is switched off in buffered bypass mode). You can save up to 8 recallable presets from the pedal which includes the effect, the setup of the expression pedal, the position of all five control knobs (including ALT mode positions), the presets can also be recalled via the tap tempo switch with your feet while playing (preset recall via tap tempo is a mode which replaces the tap tempo function while on). You can change the subdivisions of the delay repeats by holding down the bypass switch and clicking the preset switch, this selects between quarter, dotted eighth, eighth, sixteenth, half, whole, dotter quarter and triplet quarter notes. There is also MIDI in and through jacks (3.5 mm TRS mini jacks with a converter cable included) with full control over parameters and can be used to recall 128 presets, trigger tap tempo or bypass the pedal.

The Wampler Metaverse is simple and intuitive to use and considering the amount of features has a low power draw and takes up only a small amount of space on your pedalboard.

A full breakdown of the 11 delay effects is as follows:

  • Anlg, classic sounding analogue delay based on the kind of warm, smooth mid 1980s delay sounds found in the Boss DM2 range of pedals, a real workhorse that's easy to set up and control
  • Wet, modulated analogue delay similar to the Way Huge Aqua-Puss with subtle tape sounding modulation
  • BBD, bucket brigade delay similar to the Electro-harmonix Memory Man pedal, the degradation to your signal as you play is a unique feature of this circuit and is faithfully re-interpreted here
  • Jet, combines the analogue setting with the unmistakeable whooshing sound of a beautiful additive flanger modulation effect
  • Doc, warm modulated delay tone and trail degradation from their The Doctor lo-fi delay pedal
  • FTE, type style delay from their Faux Tape Echo pedal
  • ETH, overlaying twin delays from their Ethereal delay pedal
  • Mod, like Jet but combines digital delay with flanger for a brighter sound than analogue
  • SPC, based on a mixture of the classic Space Echo and Echoplex style delay units, the modulation effects emulate the natural wow and flutter of the original units
  • Tape, inspired by the Binson Echorec delay this program emulates some of the most important delay sounds in rock music history
  • Digi, super clean digital delay like that found in the TC Electronics 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay, precise, clean and modern tones that are both studio and stage worthy


11 On board delay effects including classic analogue, tape, digital as well as more in depth delays
Very small pedal size and power draw for the features with easy to use controls
Save up to 8 on board presets (including set up of expression pedal and alt mode parameters)
Stereo input and output jacks
Tap tempo footswitch (can be set up to recall presets instead)
Delay knob controls delay time up to 2 seconds
Feedback knob controls delay feedback (and alt modes for tape and Ethereal settings)
Tone control knob has different ranges suitable to each delay mode
Mod control knob sets modulation depth (and modulation rate in alt mode)
Mix knob sets the dry/wet ratio from 100% dry to 100% wet (and up to +6 dB volume boost in alt mode)
Holding down the bypass switch enters alt mode
Expression pedal jack to control any of the five parameter knobs including heel toe sweep range
MIDI in and through jacks for full control over parameters and recalls up to 128 presets
Trails switch selects between true bypass and buffered bypass (trails continue in buffered bypass)
Select between 8 subdivisions including 1/4 notes, dotted 1/8ths and triplets
Studio quality conversion 48 kHz Sampling rate with 24 bit audio
9 V Power jack (no battery connector)
High grade components picked for their superior sound and response
Made in the USA
5 Year warranty

Tech specs

Width 114 mm (4.5")
Length 95 mm (3.75")
Height (including knobs) 57 mm (2.25")
Power Draw 130 mA
Manufacturer Part Number WAMP-META
UPC-A 763815133348

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