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500 kOhms Metal Film Resistor for HSS Guitar Circuits
by GTM


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This 500 kOhms Metal Film Resistor can be used on guitars with HSS pickup configuration (humbucker / single coil / single coil) to allow you to use 500K potentiometers for all pickups. These are high quality 1/4 W metal film resistor made to a 1% resistance tolerance.

Normally single coil pickups are paired with 250 k pots and humbuckers are paired with 500 k pots, on a HSS equipped guitar this presents a problem of mismatched pot values if you need one potentiometer to cover all pickups, luckily if you wire a 500 kohms resistor in parallel with a 500 k pot the resulting value is 250 k, so with some clever wiring you can make the single coil pickups 'see' a 250 k pot and solve the mismatch problem.


500K Ohms resistors can be wired in parallel with a 500 k pot to create a resistor value of 250 k
Useful for balancing humbuckers and single coil pickups in HSS guitars

Tech specs

Tolerance 1%
Power Rating 250 mW
Manufacturer Part Number 3760

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