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CTS 550K Push/Pull Audio Taper Long Shaft Potentiometer
by Bare Knuckle Pickups


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This Bare Knuckle Pickups 550K Push/Pull Audio Taper Long Shaft Potentiometer has been custom made for them by industry leaders CTS who are renowned for their high quality potentiometers.

The Potentiometer packs two functions in one, the pot works as normal on its own but built in is an independent double pole double throw (DPDT) switch which can be wired to add/remove pickups, coil splitting and tapping, series/parallel switching and phase switching just by pulling up or pushing down on the guitars control knob. The switch soldering terminals are on the side of the pot rather than the bottom which reduces the cavity depth required down to 26 mm (1"). The 550 K Ohms resistance gives a brighter tone than 250 K and is traditionally used for humbucking pickups and it has a logarithmic audio taper which BKP use for both volume and tone controls with their humbucker and P90 pickups. They use 550 K over the standard 500K pots to open out the upper frequency range and allows the full harmonic richness of their pickups to shine through, improving detail and clarity. The pots have a 10% tolerance for higher accuracy and feature a longer threaded shaft to reach through thicker bodies, great for carved top guitars like a Gibson Les Paul. They have an imperial 3/8" threaded shaft with fine 24 spline mounting for control knobs (commonly found on guitars made in the USA like Gibson, Fender or PRS Core). To use metric knobs that have a set screw (smooth interior, no splines) simply line up the set screw with the split in the shaft and tighten the screw.


Bare Knuckle Pickups 550K pot has been custom made for them by industry leaders CTS
Independent push/pull switch for custom wiring options
Long threaded shaft for thick or carve top guitars (e.g. Gibson Les Paul)
550 K Pot opens out the upper frequency range, improving detail and clarity
Low profile potentiometer fits cavities just 1" deep
Logarithmic audio taper potentiometer
Used by BKP for both volume and tone controls with humbuckers and P90s
Durable brass 3/8" imperial threaded shaft and knob mounting shaft
Fits fine 24 spline imperial knobs and smooth interior no spline metric knobs with set screws
Shaft circlip for increased durability
Mounting hardware included

Tech specs

Threaded Shaft Diameter 9.5 mm (0.37")
Threaded Shaft Length 19 mm (0.75")
Manufacturer Part Number BKP CTS A550K P/P Long

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