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Kraftform Kompakt 817 R Bit Holding Screwdriver w/ Rapidaptor Quick Release Chuck
by Wera


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The Wera Kraftform Kompakt 817 R Bit Holding Screwdriver with Rapidaptor Quick Release Chuck has a telescopic bit holder and their ergonomic Kraftform handle which is made to fit perfectly into the hand ensuring easier, more controlled movement.

The bit holder has a strong permanent magnet to securely hold standard 1/4" hexagon drive screwdriver bits, to remove the bit simply push the Rapidaptor Quick Release Chuck forward and it pulls the bit away from the magnet to allow removal, around the chuck is a free spinning sleeve so you can use your non driving hand to steady the screwdriver using the sleeve while your driving hand turns the handle, especially useful when starting a screw. Pushing the green clamping sleeve (between the handle and the chuck) releases the spring loaded telescopic bit holder to extend the length to a full size screwdriver, pushing it in further then either allows you to remove the blade and bit holder for use in a drill driver or push it back into the handle to collapse the size making it great for working in tight spaces. We stock many different size Wera Z bits in Pozidriv, Phillips, hex/allen key, slotted and Japanese JIS as separate items that are compatible with this bit holder. The Wera Kraftform Kompakt 817 R has a hexagon shaped handle which stops the tool rolling away between uses.


The Wera Kompakt 817 R Bit Holder has their ergonomic Kraftform handle which is easy on the hand
Strong permanent magnet securely holds standard 1/4" hexagon drive bits
Rapidaptor Quick Release Chuck ensures quick and easy bit changes
Free spinning sleeve to steady the screwdriver with your non driving hand, great for starting screws
Telescopic bit holder extends length to full size screwdriver or collapses for work in tight spaces
Bit holder and blade can be removed for use in a drill driver
Hexagon shaped handle stops tools rolling away between uses
Many different size Wera Pozidriv, Phillips, hex and slotted 1/4" Z bits stocked as separate items

Tech specs

Length Collapsed 134 mm (5.3")
Length Extended 178 mm (7")
Manufacturer Part Number 05051482001
EAN-13 4013288103130

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