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Treble Bleed Mod Kit 0.001 uF Ceramic Capacitor and 150 kOhms Metal Film Resistor
by GTM


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This Treble Bleed Mod Kit can be added to your guitar's volume potentiometer to keep your tone intact when using the volume control.

Volume pots can take away a lot of high end frequencies from your sound when turned down producing a muddy tone, often a capacitor is added to the volume pot on its own but this can roll off some low end and so you can also add a resistor either in parallel or series with the capacitor for a more uniform tone as you turn down the volume control. Wiring the resistor in parallel preserves all the frequencies the best and wiring in series keeps most of the treble frequencies will preserving the sweep of the volume pot the best (also known as the Kinman treble bleed). This kit provides the most typical values seen in a treble bleed mod, a 0.001 uF ceramic capacitor and a 150 kohms metal film resistor, the components are separate (not soldered).


This kit can be used for adding a treble bleed mod to your guitar's volume potentiometer
Treble bleed mods preserve the high frequencies as you turn the volume control down
Kit contains 1 x 0.001 uF ceramic capacitor and 1 x 150 kohms metal film resistor
Resistors can be wired in parallel or series with the capacitor depending on taste
Components do not come soldered together

Tech specs

Capacitor Voltage Rating 100 V
Resistor Power Rating 250 mW
Manufacturer Part Number 3762

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