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Fret Wire Bender
by Elmer Guitar


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This Fretwire bender is quick and easy to use, adjust the radius via the thumbwheel and feed a length of fretwire through using the crank handle, the fretwire comes out bent to shape and ready to install on your guitars fretboard. The bender can also be set up to straighten bent wire.

The crank wheel is grooved to keep the fretwire in place and stops it twisting, the wire runs against 2 ball bearings which ensure a smooth and fast operation. It is a good idea to start with the wheel backed away from the bearings for a shallow radius, run a length through and check it on the guitars fretboard, then tighten the radius and run it through again if required. Most builders and techs install their frets with wire that has a slightly tighter radius than the fretboard to help stop the ends popping up when seating the frets.

To change the bender to straighten wire simply move the right hand bearing to the upper hole and run the fretwire through. The heavy duty aluminium base plate can be clamped in a vise or comes predrilled at the bottom for mounting to a bench (2 screws included).


Thumbwheel adjustable radius (locked on the back via wingnut)
Can be set up to straighten fretwire as well
Ball bearings on the 3 wheels ensure smoth and fast operation
Clamp in a vise or screw to your bench
Mounting screws and allen key for bearings included

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number EG-29

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