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Chain Home Tremolo Pedal
by ThorpyFX

No Longer Available


The ThorpyFX Chain Home Pedal is their modern version of the classic Vox Repeat Percussion pedal, but with more control over the sound.

The Chain Home has been setup so that volume unity is at 8 o'clock on the boost knob, everything after that adds more volume to boost your signal. The tone control adjusts your sound from fat or thin depending on your tastes. The rate and depth controls adjusts the tremolo effect and it can go faster or slower than the Vox original. It sounds incredible just as a tremolo, but wind off the depth and crank up the boost and it is a booster providing a fantastic amount of clean boost to drive your amp, add the Tremolo back in and you have a gritty, dirty tremolo to get very creative with.

ThorpyFX Pedals scream quality not just in their sound, but construction as well, with bomb proof custom enclosures, premium 1% metalfilm resistors, Wima and Panasonic capacitors, off circuit Neutrik jacks and switches to avoid stress on the PCB, dust sealed potentiometers and gold plated PCBs as standard across the range.


Rate, depth boost and tone controls
Boost control knob allows clean boost above unity
Battery connection and 9V power jack
Bombproof construction and high quality electronics
Made in the UK
2 Year warranty

Tech specs

Width 70 mm (2.8")
Length 145 mm (5.7")
Height 60 mm (2.4")
Manufacturer Part Number CHN

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