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Reverb Pedal
by Empress Effects


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The Empress Effects Reverb Pedal provides studio quality effects from classic hall and spring reverb to modulating and reverse sounds in a tweakable but easy and fast to dial in package.

On board are 12 reverb types, with multiple sub-variations giving 24 effects in total which can also be edited and saved as presets or updated via the SD card slot. The tone of the reverb can be sculpted with the decay, mix, low and hi eq knobs and through the 'thing' knobs, the thing knobs are very clever parameter knobs that change what they adjust based on reverb type selected (e.g. the amount of modulation, reflection, delay time etc.), your setting can then be saved and recalled as one of 35 possible presets. The select switch also acts as an infinite hold or tap tempo on many of the effects, the control port allows you to use an expression pedal (any combination of parameter knobs can be controlled via the expression pedal), an external tap switch or MIDI control, and an advanced configuration mode lets you tweak a variety of pedals deeper functions (e.g. changing it from buffered bypass to true bypass or adding in a cabinet simulator). Stereo in and out completes the studio quality sound possible with the Empress Effects reverb pedal.

A full breakdown of the 12 reverb types is as follows:

  • Hall, modelled from a large and fairly reflective space, and is typically used at longer decay times in the 2 or more seconds range
  • Plate, present and bright sounding, especially the initial part of the sound
  • Spring, classic sound for guitar players, discrete delay-like reflections are heard in the response
  • Room, natural and subtle sounding reverb, dense early reflections and a short decay
  • Sparkle, an octave effect that's fed into a large sounding tail, slow to build, and goes higher in pitch as time goes by
  • Modulation, applied to each of the delay lines gives a warm and smooth chorus style sound without the distinctive pulse.
  • Ambient Swell, detects either breaks in playing or uses trigger detection to detect note starts, then applies a smooth adjustable fade in, shines at 100% wet and long decay times
  • Delay and Reverb, classic combo, delay is combined with a really smooth tail, use the select stompswitch to tap in a delay time
  • Reverse, uses a combination of delays and reverbs to create a reverse effect that fades in, choose with or without reverb tails
  • Ghost, adds a spooky layer behind the dry signal, the tail is made up of a lot of resonant and modulated elements that meld together to create a really unique sound
  • Lo-fi, adds filters, compression and distortion, giving you a complete lo-fi signal, choose between a slappy delay trail and a modulated trail
  • Beer, the best named preset ever! Empress use it as a catch all term for effects that don't fit anywhere else and it will evolve over time. Currently you can choose between 'glitch' a heavily filtered sound, and 'gated reverb', after the reverb tail there is a gate, when the dry signal at the pedal input is quiet, it turns off the wet output, great for choppy guitar parts


12 Reverb types, with multiple sub-variations giving 24 on board effects
Save up to 35 presets
Stereo input and output jacks
Select switch acts as infinite hold or tap tempo on many effects
Decay knob controls reverb tail decay time
Mix knob blends from 100% dry to 100% processed wet signal
Low and hi knobs control EQ of reverb tails
Thing knobs change the parameter they adjust based on effect selected (modulation, delay time etc.)
Output controls overall volume (unity at 12 o'clock)
Control port allows use of expression pedal, external switch or MIDI control
Firmware can be updated through the SD card slot
Low signal to noise ratio of >104dB and maintains an analogue dry signal path
2 Preset modes, bank style or scrolling style preset modes
Bypass switch (selectable between true and buffered bypass)
Cabinet simulator for use without an amp
Isolated output for hum free use when operating in stereo with 2 amps
High quality audio, 48kHz sampling, with 24 bit conversion and 32 bit internal processing
Advanced configuration mode lets you tweak a variety of the pedals deeper functions
9V Power Jack
Made in Canada
4 Year warranty

Tech specs

Width 145 mm (5.7")
Length 95 mm (3.75")
Height (excluding knobs) 44.5 mm (1.75")
Height (including knobs) 57 mm (2.25")
Power Draw 300mA
Manufacturer Part Number RVRB
UPC-A 850040850178

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