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Nut and Saddle Sander Jig
by Elmer Guitar


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The Elmer Nut and Saddle Sander Jig allows you to quickly and easily produce flat and square faces on the bottom of nuts and saddles. The adjustable, spring loaded side holds the nut or saddle in place while you adjust the depth with the top thumbscrews. There are two sets of thumbscrew holes, use the inside two holes for adjusting the depth of nuts and the outside two holes for saddles (or if your material is wider than the inside two but not as wide as the outside two, use one of each). Screwing in the thumbscrews pushes down on the nut or saddle, exposing it out the bottom of the jig, adjust the thumbscrews until you have the right amount of material exposed at each end and then tighten the side thumbscrews to lock it in place. Sand the nut or saddle on a flat surface until all four bearing wheels are rolling and then your nut or saddle bottom is flat.

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Manufacturer Part Number EG-31

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