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In-Tune BS Compensated Brass Telecaster Saddle Set
by Gotoh


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This set of 3 Gotoh In-Tune BS saddles give you the traditional look of brass, 2 string per 'barrel' saddles, but they are also compensated so you can upgrade Telecaster bridges to play in tune. Specially shaped groves cut in the saddles stagger the break point of the strings (so for example the b string starts vibrating further back than the high e string as normal for correct intonation). The saddles are also all reversible, flip them over and there is an extra set of groves but the position of the break points is swapped over, the brass saddles are also height adjustable and come complete with an intonation screw and spring.


Tradition looking barrel saddles with compensation
Staggered string slots improve intonation
Brass saddles are height adjustable and intonatable
Made in Japan

Tech Specs

String Spacing (minimum) 54 mm (2.1")
Manufacturer Part Number PSS-ITB