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GZR PJ Geezer Butler Bass Pickup Set
by EMG


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The GZR PJ Bass Pickups were developed by EMG with legendary bassist Geezer Butler, they worked to create a passive pickup with a truly vintage tone an feel, recapturing his early Black Sabbath tone. The pickups use Alnico V pole pieces and custom wound coils for just the right amount of punch and grit with a deep, tight low end. The J pickup features two custom wound split-coils to eliminate the noise and hum usually associated with early 70's bass pickups and allows for more power and volume than any other standard single coil J, creating a remarkable balance between the P and the J. The pickup features their solderless system for quick and easy installation, it comes with everything you need including two 250k volume pots, a 250k tone pot, mono output jack and all required connector wires.


Vintage Black Sabbath tone from the signature Geezer Butler pickups
Vacuum sealed in epoxy to reduce microphonic feedback and increase durability
Solderless system is quick and easy to install (all required parts included)
Made in the USA
2 Year warranty

Tech specs

DC Resistance (P) 11.2 kΩ
DC Resistance (J) 7.6 kΩ
Resonant Frequency (P) 1.77 kHz
Resonant Frequency (J) 2.4 kHz
Magnet Type Alnico V
Manufacturer Part Number EMG-GZR-PJHZ Black
UPC-A 654330215070

Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5

Jim M. Verified Purchase

Great upgrade - and easy to install.

Great upgrade, love the sound.
Ordering was simple and prompt delivery from Glued To Music.

Bought a secondhand bass at a very reasonable price as it was in need of some love and attention. Previous owner had really messed up the wiring as in neck pick-ups not connected, bridge ground not connected but jack plug signal and ground terminals connected with a bridge wire.

I wanted these not just for the sound they promised but also for the solderless wiring setup. The bass is a solid body so was a little concerned on whether the connectors would pass through the drilled "tunnels" to the pick-ups. I need not have worried the installation was simple and was up and running within 45 minutes (included fitting and tuning new strings).

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