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TUSQ Traditional Style Slotted Bridge Pins Set of 6
by Graph Tech


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Black White
No Inlay Black Dot Abalone Dot


This set of 6 Graph Tech Traditional Slotted Bridge Pins are made from their harmonically rich and consistent TUSQ material in the traditional Martin style design (and fit Fender, Larrivee, Taylor, Gibson, Ovation, Breedlove, Carvin, Takamine, and many others). The bridge pins come in black or white and with or without a decorative 2 mm top dot inlay. The pins have a 3° taper, if the pin shank is slightly too thick you can remove some material with fine grit sandpaper for a customized fit.


Made from Graph Tech's harmonically rich TUSQ material
Traditional Martin style design
Choice of colour and top inlay
Made in Canada

Tech specs

Shank Taper
Shank Diameter (thickest point before collar) 5.14 mm (0.2")
Total Length 30.1 mm (1.2")
Manufacturer Part Number PP-1100-01
UPC-A 702725101337

Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5

Kevin H. Verified Purchase

Excellent product and price

I bought these to replace the plastic pins on my Yamaha LS6. They arrived very quickly and only needed a little sanding just below the collar to fit perfectly.
Not only do they look and feel better than the plastic ones, there is a significant increase in sustain and projection.
Whether this would be the case on all guitars is impossible to predict but for the money these are definitely worth a try.
Overall, very pleased indeed.

Reviewed ago

Luke F. Verified Purchase

Not blown away by the quality or sound

I had high hopes for these bridge pins. I'd read and watched a variety of positive online reviews. I have a Yamaha Fg830. It sounds incredible with new Daddario ej16 strings and so I thought I'd upgrade the standard plastic bridge pins with tusq. The tone could only improve, right? Not so much. The tone with the original plastic pins is clear and really rich and warm (not muddy or muted). After fitting these pins (which needed sanding to fit) sounded really glassy, cold and a bit sterile. The abalone dot inlays were also dissapointing. They were covered in some sort of cured/hard adhesive which caused them to look really dull. One of the inlays was also set at an oblique angle and was not flush with the top of the pin, with part of it protruding above the head of the pin. I used a fingernail polisher (not a sanding board but a realy fine poloshing board) to remove the adhesive and level the one misaligned abalone insert. The polishing helped all but the oblique insert. Which was still dull due to the angle not reflecting light the same as the other 5 flush inserts. There os also a subtle mould-line around the circumference of the pin head. This was easily polished away. Really dissapointed with the product, but was very pleased with the overall shopping experience with Glued to Music.

Reviewed ago