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M6 Locking Tuners 3 x 3 90 Screw
by Schaller


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This set of 3 x 3 Schaller M6 locking tuners have the attachment screw in line with the tuner post as common on modern Gibson Les Paul guitar tuners. The Schaller locking system is operated by a thumb screw on the back of the tuner for quick and easy string changes. The enclosed gears feature a 1:18 gear ratio for accurate tuning with Schaller's Velvet-Tec and LX6-Lube technologies to ensure the gears mesh and turn smoothly and precisely, backlash is minimised and it also adds durability. The Schaller M6 range of tuners are the world's bestselling and set the standard for fully enclosed machine heads.


High quality, renowned M6 range tuners
Thumb screw locking for quick and easy string changes
3 x 3 Set has 3 left and 3 right handed tuners
Attachment screw is in line with the tuner post
1:18 Gear ratio for tuning precision
Schaller Velvet-Tec and LX6-Lube ensure the gears mesh and turn smoothly with no backlash
All mounting hardware included
Made in Germany
2 Year warranty

Tech specs

Tuner Post Hole Required 10 mm (0.4")
Distance Between Tuner Post and Screw Hole Centres 10.5 mm (0.41")
Manufacturer Part Number 10050423.02.52
EAN-13 4036641116066

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