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A Style Bass Bridge .750 String Spacing
by Hipshot


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Chrome Black
Aluminium Brass


The Hipshot A Style Bass Bridge has become one of the most popular high quality bass bridges available today. The bridge is machined from a solid block of brass for superior quality and tone, the saddles are nested into channels to remove any sideways motion and are individually intonatable and height adjustable. The string spacing is 19 mm as standard but each string is adjustable in the saddle to give 1.5 mm (0.06") side to side adjustment for better string, pickup and neck alignment. The Hipshot A Style Bass bridges give you the choice of either top loading the strings through back of the bridge or mounting them through the guitar body for the tone you prefer.


Machined from solid brass for superior tone and quality
Adjustable string spacing (19 mm as standard)
Individually intonatable and height adjustable saddles
Saddles nested in slots to stop sideways movement
Strings can be mounted through the back of the bridge or through the bass body
All mounting hardware included
Made in the USA

Tech Specs

Screw Mount Spacing (between outer screw holes) 57.2 mm (2.25")
Manufacturer Part Number 5A400BC-750
EAN/UPC 0663593000095