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Resomax Wraparound Bridge
by Graph Tech


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The Graph Tech Resomax Wraparound Bridge is a great looking wraparound with String Saver saddles and locking bridge posts. Their String Saver saddle material is impregnated with PTFE for permanent lubrication and so strings don't bind in their slots during bending, improving tuning stability and reducing string breakage. In addition to individually intonatable saddles the Resomax bridge has allen/hex screws behind the bridge posts that can be adjusted to move the whole bridge backwards and forwards and also slant it to add more intonation room to heavy bass strings. The bridge body magnetically locks to the height adjustable steel bridge posts ensuring it stays in place when changing strings.


Wraparound tailpiece to fit standard Gibson spacing
String Saver saddles for improved tuning stability and reduced string breakage
Bridge magnetically locks to steel posts to keep it in place during string changes
The whole bridge can be moved forward and backwards separately to the saddles to aid intonation
5/16-24 imperial thread bridge posts (standard Gibson spec)

Tech specs

Saddle Radius 12"
String Spacing 52.4 mm (2.06" or 2 1/16")
Post Spacing 82 mm (3.25")
Manufacturer Part Number PS-8593-N0
UPC-A 702725103461

Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5

Steve H. Verified Purchase

This made a difference!

Easily installed in my LP Junior …….. intonation is now perfect all up the neck, also has deffo increased sustain …… highly recommended

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