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Boot Camp Brute Force Humbucker Set
by Bare Knuckle Pickups


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Black Nickel Zebra
Pole Spacing
50 mm 53 mm


The Bare Knuckle Pickups Brute Force Humbucker Set is hand wound in the UK, features ceramic magnets and is mainly aimed at progressive metal, thrash, hardcore and extreme metal styles. From their Boot Camp range, the Brute Force pickups are in the high output range and produce a deep, saturated tone. The Bare Knuckle Boot Camp is a stripped back, no-nonsense pickup range aimed at guitar players who just want to cut to the chase and have great tone. The 50 mm pole spacing is standard for guitars with fixed bridges (e.g. Gibson Les Paul), the 53 mm spaced bridge humbucker (also called F-spaced or trembuckers) are used on guitars with tremolos (please note the 53 mm set refers to the bridge pickup pole spacing only, the neck pickup is 50 mm in both sets).


Humbucker set with neck and bridge Brute Force pickups
Hand wound in the UK
High output range with a deep, saturated tone
Choice of 50 mm pole spacing for fixed bridge guitars or 53 mm spacing for tremolos
Short base plate leg with triangle shaped tab
4 Conductor pickup wire allows for more versatile wiring options
Life time warranty

Tech specs

Magnet Type Ceramic
Manufacturer Part Number HUM6SBF-CNIK53

Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5

mark l. Verified Purchase

installed in Charvel 750xl

Pickups are amazing. I installed them with a oak grigsby superswitch as i wanted in series but in positions 2 and 4 parallel - bit of a volume drop but as they are quite high output series vs parallel but certain tracks need this as we have another guitar hence saves him boosting signal on solos

i use blackstar series 100 and jcm800 - minimal effects just a bit of delay on solos and a wah

these pickups are amazing, no mud at all, clear highs and balanced mids with a solid bass response. -

i play in an 80s/90s metal covers band and its generally need some high gain but drive it from the amp. These are a basically the best pups ive had in the guitar, plenty of output in the bridge, similar levels to a super distortion but less ‘gritty’ and the neck is like a hot paf but without the mud when rolled off.

The key thing with the pups is they actually do clean very very well also, no grit or mud - so much so ive taken the treble bleed cap of the volume pot and just roll them off on my crunch channel a little n flick them into parallel in live situations to save pedal board hopping and that gives me typical izzy stradlin or brian young tones.

Cranked via a marshall the bridge just sings and the neck is perfect for creamy slash style solos.

honestly say i like these pups better than any of my others in that guitar and will deffo like to try a set in something else.

Ive always wanted to try bare knuckles but they have been prohibitively pricey as a working musician but the bootcamp series give you that hand-wound boutique quality for essentially the same price as your duncans or dimarzio sets that ive always put in my guitars to replace the generally non descriptive stock pups (albeit stck are pretty good thesedays on most premium brands)

so in summary very happy, deffo great for rock and metal and even knocked down a semitone or in drop tuning maintain plenty of open frequency hit the amp front like a ball hammer but clean up nicely so A*

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