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2400 Roller Tune-o-matic Bridge
by ABM


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The ABM 2400 Roller Tune-o-matic is a premium quality Nashville style bridge with roller saddles to keep the strings perfectly in tune after bending, especially useful with Bigsby style tremolo tailpieces. The roller saddles have a larger slot in the low EAD strings and a thinner slot in the high GBe strings for the correct support. The bridge is milled from a solid block of brass for superior quality and tone and the wider body gives extra intonation room over the older ABR-1 style. The bridge body has string notches along the back side to ensure the strings do not bind on the edge as they go to the tailpiece. Supplied with 5 mm Nashville style bridge posts and body anchors/bushings, the bridge body has elongated slots for the bridge posts to fit a wide range of different post spacings, once the bridge is mounted on the posts, screws at each end lock the bridge against the posts.


Premium quality Nashville style Tune-o-matic machined from solid brass
Roller saddles keep strings perfectly in tune after bending
Individually intonatable saddles
Notches keep strings clear of the back edge of the bridge
Height adjustable via thumbwheels
Bridge post slots accommodate different post spacings and screws lock the bridge to the posts
Gibson Nashville style bridge posts and bushings included (5 mm thread)
Made in Germany
3 Year warranty

Tech specs

Saddle Radius 12"
String Spacing 52 mm (2.05")
Post Spacing Range 71.7 to 75 mm (2.82" to 2.95")
Manufacturer Part Number 2400c-RO

Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5

Mark V. Verified Purchase

Reviewed ago

William G. Verified Purchase

Great Quality Roller Bridge

Certainly the most expensive guitar bridge I’ve ever bought, but I think you get what you pay for, really well made roller bridge, you can feel and see the quality as soon as you hold it, and most importantly, when it’s fitted on your guitar, you can hear the difference, setting the intonation was straight forward, the different width rollers for the wound and unwound strings are great, and with a Bigsby or similar trem, it works perfectly, tuning stability is great. I would actually fit one of these to a guitar without a trem on it, and probably will. My previous roller bridge was a Tonepros, the ABM is more expensive, but for me, it’s money well spent in the long run. I’d definitely recommend this roller bridge to anyone thinking of buying one

Reviewed ago