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3250 Hardtail Fixed Bridge
by ABM


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The ABM 3250 Hardtail is a premium quality, comfortable and great looking fixed bridge. The body is machined from a solid block of brass for superior quality and tone, the saddles are nested into channels to remove sideways movement and the smooth edges sit well against the hand when palm muting. The string spacing is 54 mm E-e as standard but each string is adjustable in the saddle to give a total range from 50 mm to 56 mm for perfect pickup and neck alignment. The base of the bridge is milled to a 12" radius but each saddle is also individually height adjustable to match the fretboard radius and allow action adjustments. The ABM 3250 gives you the choice of either top loading the strings through back of the bridge or mounting them through the guitar body for the tone you prefer and the classic hardtail design is quick and easy to restring.


Machined from solid brass for superior tone and quality
Saddles nested in slots to stop sideways movement
Smooth design looks great and is comfortable on the hand while playing
Adjustable string spacing for neck and pickup alignment
Individually intonatable and height adjustable saddles
Strings can be mounted through the back of the bridge or through the guitar body
All mounting hardware included
Made in Germany
3 Year warranty

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number 3250b

Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5

Sam D. Verified Purchase

Quality + problem solving = worthwhile product

Had a customer guitar with high E string too close to edge of the fingerboard & kept falling off. No wiggle room for realigning the neck. Luckily it was a hard tail Strat so I set about looking for a bridge with spacing less than the 52.5mm the guitar came with. Found this ABM with its 56 to 50mm range of adjustment. Worked a treat. I’m not one for expensive hardware just because it’s fancy and expensive - but when quality hardware like this solves a real-world problem, as it did, I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

Reviewed ago

John M. Verified Purchase

A really nice bridge

The bridge is very well made and is a breeze to install. Does everything you'd want with great flaxability in spacing.
Will definately be using these on future builds.

Reviewed ago