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TBWC-59 Compensated Wraparound Aluminium Bridge
by Faber


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The Faber TBWC-59 Compensated Wraparound is a 50s vintage style bridge with special compensated string guides made from brass. The compensation staggers the point where the strings leave the bridge to improve the intonation of Gibson Melody Maker and LP Junior style guitars that often come with a plain, non-compensated tailpiece. The bridge is made from lightweight aluminium and designed as an upgrade piece (or to replace an original vintage piece for preservation) it comes as just the body, bridge posts/studs and body bushings/anchors are not included. In addition to the compensated string guides there are allen/hex screws behind the bridge posts that can be adjusted to move the whole bridge backwards and forwards and also slant it to add more intonation room to heavy bass strings.


Vintage style wraparound made from lightweight aluminium
Brass string guides improve intonation over plain tailpiece style
Hex screws move the whole bridge forward and backwards to aid intonation
Fits standard Gibson post spacing
Body only, posts and bushings not included
Made in Germany

Tech specs

Post Spacing 82 mm (3.25")
Manufacturer Part Number 3320-3

Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5

Alan J. Verified Purchase

Great value for your money.

This was an upgrade to my Epiphone Les Paul junior. A brilliant upgrade recommended.

Reviewed ago

Konrad H. Verified Purchase

Good but won't fit every guitar

I initially wasn't so keen on the looks of this design but I've warmed to it - it looks clean and unfussy on the guitar, and the brass inserts give a really clean break point for the string, improving on Faber's other wraparound design.

I put this on an Epiphone Special, and the Faber is noticeably lighter than the stock bridge, which surprised me as the stock one didn't seem unreasonably heavy to begin with.

The Faber bridge looked very clean and well made when it arrived, and together with Faber's locking posts it noticeably adds zing, sparkle, resonance and sustain to the guitar. I'm still getting used to the changes but on the whole I think it was for the good on this guitar, and certainly I feel the Faber is doing the job I think it ought to - so if you're hoping to get a similar change out of your wraparound guitar I think it's definitely worth trying.

HOWEVER, the one negative, and it's not a small one, is that on my guitar the bridge wouldn't adjust far enough towards the headstock to intonate properly, i.e. the three plain strings were all flat at the 12th fret to varying degrees even with the grub screw fully backed out. The slot in the bridge simply doesn't go far enough back, at least not for my particular guitar.

I decided to take a file to it, and by enlarging the slot by a millimetre or two have got it pretty close to bang on, but I believe this runs the risk of corrosion trouble down the line as I've got naked aluminium in direct contact with the nickel-plated steel post. It's a risk I'm willing to live with for now, but if it does go bad in the future I'll probably replace it with something else.

Reviewed ago

Chris G. Verified Purchase

Massive improvement

Very affordable way to transform a cheap guitar. Definitely also install the steel inserts and locking studs. The difference is night and day.

Reviewed ago

Anthony D. Verified Purchase

Research it’s the right bridge for ur guitar

Much more stable than the basic bridge supplied

Reviewed ago

Denis R. Verified Purchase

Cracking Piece of kit.

Like everything, disliked nothing.

Reviewed ago

DAVID K. Verified Purchase

Just what I needed!

Ordered this to replace the lightning standard Epiphone wrap-around bridge on my Coronet. Intonates better now. Aesthetically looks miles better than the original and seems to be a little more resonant as well. Faber are just one of the go to bridges for a reason. Just what I needed!

Reviewed ago

Geoff M. Verified Purchase

A simple improvement to your Junior.

The second time I've bought this bridge for a Les Paul Junior. The first time was an Epiphone. The second time for a Gibson. Simply they make the Guitar ring. Great Product.

Reviewed ago

Colin B. Verified Purchase

Faber Wraparound Bridge

A vast improvement in tone and intonation compared to the original Gibson bridge.

Reviewed ago

Peter E. Verified Purchase

Reviewed ago