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Wrap-Lock Locking Wraparound Steel Tailpiece Posts
by Faber


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Gold Aged/Relic Gold Nickel Aged/Relic Nickel
Metric (mm) Imperial (inch)


The Faber Wrap-Lock Tailpiece Posts are a set of steel locking posts that can be used to keep wraparound tailpiece bridges level and ensures maximum sound transmission to the guitar body. Simply set the bridge height for the desired action and then use the included tool to tighten the locking nut from below against the bridge. The posts come in two different thread styles, the imperial version has the standard Gibson 5/16-24 imperial thread used on Gibson USA guitars, the metric version has 8 mm threads used on 'import' guitars made in Japan and across Asia (Epiphone, ESP/LTD, Schecter etc).


Locking posts keep the bridge level and ensure maximum sound transmission to the body
High quality steel posts
Imperial version has standard Gibson 5/16-24 imperial thread
Metric version has 8 mm thread for Epiphone and other 'import' guitars
Inluded wrench for locking nut
Made in Germany

Tech specs

Manufacturer Part Number 3350-0

Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5

Chris G. Verified Purchase

Massive Improvement

Very affordable way to transform a cheap guitar. Definitely also install the steel inserts and locking studs. The difference is night and day.

Reviewed ago

Konrad H. Verified Purchase

Better fit than stock posts and more chime

Fitted these to an Epiphone "Inspired By" Les Paul Special, which was a very nice guitar, but I didn't like the bridge lean on the stock bridge posts, or the amount of slop the posts had in the bushings.

The Fabers fit much more precisely and make for a very solid feeling bridge assembly. Installation was slightly fiddly but very manageable.

I would say a noticeable change in tone: the stock posts were warmer and woollier - a very likable sound, but I was never able to turn the tone down past 10 - whereas the Fabers add a noticeable bell-like chime to the note, giving me a whole range of usable musical sounds across the range of the tonepots.

If you like your guitar dark these might not be right for you, but just in terms of build quality they feel like a serious upgrade, and I'm happy with the result soundwise too.

Reviewed ago

Adrian C. Verified Purchase

Great for wraparound bridge

Used in conjunction Faber bridge to stabilise tuning and intonation on my lp jnr Johnny Thunders replica. They work Nuffield said.

Reviewed ago