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500K Audio Taper Guitar Pot/Potentiometer
by CTS


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Metric (mm) Imperial (inch)


CTS potentiometers are high quality and renowned controls for guitar electronics. The 500K Ohms resistance gives a brighter tone and traditionally used for humbucking pickups and its logarithmic audio taper is normally used for volume pots so the human ear can hear the volume change more smoothly. These have the standard shaft length (long shaft are available separately).

We supply these potentiometers in two versions, metric and imperial, the imperial version has a 9.5 mm diameter brass shaft with fine 24 spline mounting for control knobs and is most commonly used on USA made guitars (e.g. Gibson, Fender, PRS etc.) and is traditionally the standard version of a CTS pot, the metric version has an 8 mm diameter brass shaft with coarse 18 spline mounting commonly used on Alpha pots and guitars made in Japan and the far east (Epiphone, Squier, Ibanez, Schecter etc.) and allows you to upgrade more affordable guitars with CTS quality electronics. To use knobs with a set screw, simply line up the set screw with the split in the shaft and tighten the screw.


500K Ohms traditionally used for humbucking pickups
Logarithmic audio taper traditionally used for volume pots
Metric and imperial sizes available
Durable brass bushing and shaft
Robust construction and smooth feel
Proprietary anti-static lubrication

Tech specs

Threaded Shaft Diameter (Imperial) 9.5 mm (0.37")
Threaded Shaft Diameter (Metric) 8 mm (0.31")
Threaded Shaft Length (Imperial) 12.7 mm (0.5")
Threaded Shaft Length (Metric) 9.5 mm (0.37")
Manufacturer Part Number CTS-A500

Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5

Adam R. Verified Purchase

Poor Quality and Customer Service

CTS Pots were not good and were scratchy and noisy when changing volume and Tone.
As you cannot speak to anyone (No phone contact details) - Had to fill in a web form and wait to hear.
Got a reply the next day - advising me to send them back for inspection. This was despite asking for replacements to be sent first as my client was waiting for his guitar.
Was told i could order two more and then return mine and get a refund if they found them to be faulty.....NOT Impressed at all...Sorry guys !!
Needless to say I sourced replacement CTS pots from an alternative suppler (at my cost..) and will not be ordering from Glued to Music again...

Reviewed ago

John C. Verified Purchase

Reviewed ago

Michael P. Verified Purchase

Prompt and efficient service.

Reviewed ago

William D. Verified Purchase

Tight Positive Feel

This is downgraded by 1 star because it seems that these CTS pots no longer have a clip on the shaft that prevents you from pushing the shaft right through the collar and forcing the metal can right off the back of the pot. The "can" is only held on by 4 thin metal tabs, so you have to be very careful and push against the underside of the pot while pushing knobs onto the shaft.

Reviewed ago

James B. Verified Purchase

Exactly as described. Great replacement Pot

This is exactly what was advertised. A simple purchase and payment process...why have hassle when things can be done well?

Reviewed ago

Steve R. Verified Purchase

Fast service, great product.

Arrived on time and does the job 👍🏻

Reviewed ago

tom h. Verified Purchase

its a 500k pot

Even though made in the States , they are still fairly good and reliable . like most things of American origin these days its over priced and over rated. Although made to wider tolerances the alpha pots are just as reliable in use .

Reviewed ago

B F. Verified Purchase

Reviewed ago

David R. Verified Purchase

Guitar pot replacement

Great to find all the items I needed in one shop.
Great service. Highly recommended .

Reviewed ago