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Ratio Electric Guitar Tuners 3 x 3
by Graph Tech


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This set of 3 x 3 right handed Graph Tech Ratio electric guitar tuners feature a different gear ratio on each tuner to provide consistent tuning across all strings. The thicker the core diameter of the string the more sensitive it is to tuning and so using a 12:1 ratio on the high e tuner and up to a 39:1 ratio on the low E (which is a thinner core but wound) ensures they feel the same to tune with one turn of any Ratio tuner changing the pitch by about one tone, this speeds up tuning and making it easy to reach the desired note. The double enveloping hardened steel gears mesh and turn smoothly and precisely and backlash is minimised. The tuners have two mounting pins which fit in to holes in the back of the headstock to stop the tuner rotating and the Ratio tuners include Graph Tech's InvisoMatch mounting plates which adapt all common screw placements to the two pin tuner (use the existing screw to mount the plate to the headstock, then mount the tuner to the plate) meaning these tuners can be installed on most guitars with no modification. The InvisoMatch mounting plates included adapt the following screw styles: Kluson Deluxe 2 screw, 45 degree screw (common on Ibanez, Schecter, ESP, Jackson and PRS SE guitars), in line centre screw (common on Gibson Les Paul style guitars) and F style 2 screw.

Please note while these are a 3 x 3 set, they will only fit right handed guitars due to each specific tuner needing to be in the correct order (if used on a left handed guitar the custom ratios would be reversed and not work as designed).


Custom gear ratios for each tuner provides consistent tuning across all strings
3 x 3 Set for right handed electric guitars
One turn of any Ratio tuner changes the pitch by about one tone
Double enveloping hardened steel gears mesh and turn smoothly and minimise backlash
InvisoMatch mounting plates adapt all common screw placements to the two pin Ratio tuner
All mounting hardware included

Tech specs

Tuner Post Hole Required 10 mm (0.39")
Manufacturer Part Number PRN-2311-C0
UPC-A 702727000126

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