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Noiseless Tremolo Springs Set of 3
by Floyd Rose


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Normal Tension (Black) High Tension/Heavy Duty (Red)


These Floyd Rose Noiseless Tremolo Springs are coated in a special polymer to eliminate unwanted noise that can be produced by plain metal springs during playing, especially at higher volumes. These comes as sets of three springs and we supply the sets with two different spring tensions, the black set is the normal tension and the red set is high tension for use with heavy string gauges (using three high tension springs instead of five normal springs also leaves room in the cavity for a Tremol-No or other tremolo stoppers). The noiseless springs are suitable for both traditional Fender Stratocaster style tremolos and Floyd Rose double locking style tremolos.


Special polymer coating eliminates unwanted noise
Choice of normal and high tension spring sets
Set of 3 springs
Made in Germany

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number FRTSNRDP
UPC-A 835580013207