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BT1 Xtender HB1/Music Man/G&L/Schaller BM Style Bass Drop Tuner
by Hipshot


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The Hipshot BT1 Xtender allows you to instantly drop the tuning of your bass' low string and then back again with the flip of a lever. The BT1 is a direct replacement for the Schaller BM tuner traditionally featured on Music Man and G&L basses and the Hipshot HB1 bass tuner. The lever can drop a major 2nd (E down to D) and if your strings have standard thickness cores you can go as low as a 4th (E down to B). The tuner itself features a 1:27 gear ratio for tuning up accurately and an adjustable tension nylon bearing system for the worm gear. The 4 included screws fix the drop tuner backplate to the back of the headstock and the knurled push fit bushing secures the string post on the front of the headstock.


Hipshot BT1 Xtender drops the tuning of a bass' low string and back again with the flip of a lever
BT1 is a direct replacement for Schaller BM (used on Music Man and G&L) and Hipshot HB1 bass tuners
Drops the low E down to D and with standard thickness string cores can go as low as E down to B
1:27 Gear ratio for tuning precision
Adjustable tension nylon bearing system for the worm gear
Traditional press fit bushing secures and aligns string post in headstock
All mounting hardware included
Made in the USA

Tech specs

Tuner Post Hole Required 17.5 mm (0.69")
Manufacturer Part Number 20100N
UPC-A 840000912046

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